It's Been a Year

It's Been a Year

A year ago, Memorial Day weekend to be more specific, I launched my newest baby into the world. Friends and family supported me, and slowly people I have never met started to discover Thatcher Ellery. Over the past year I learned that most of what fills the online shelves is something that simply doesn't speak to visitors in the same way as when I hand selected them. So after walking away from brick & mortar retail, this January we bought a little store on the Cape where my finds can enjoy the proper introduction to people that will appreciate them.

The building was built in 1910 and since then, "several" rooms (that's a loose term as she's only 1,200 square feet) and a second floor has been added. We fondly call her "The Old Girl", and we look forward to breathing new life into her without disturbing her soul. There will be a bench out front for my new neighbor down the street to take a break on during her daily walks. (She's lived in her home in Sandwich for over forty years). A water bowl for new dog friends and spring water collected daily from the Sandwich Spring iced inside for two-legged visitors.

It was our hope to be opening this weekend, on the anniversary of launching Thatcher Ellery, on the traditional start of summer, but that is of course on hold, and that is okay. I want to be able to hug my new and old friends as they come to visit, I hope I don't have to give up that part of the dream, but if that is not possible, that too is okay.

Our little house on the Cape is stuffed with treasures that I have been saving for the new store, many of which I envisioned being hostess gifts for people visiting friends and family at their beach houses. My mother Heidi who introduced me to the Cape and Maine, and Rockport, and Gloucester...taught me to never show up empty handed when invited to someone's home. The dining room has become a warehouse for sea captains, pillows and jewelry. I, and I'm sure the rest of the fam, looks forward to moving my "treasures" to their new residence where they can spread out and breathe in the salt air from the marshes and distant ocean across Route 6A.

For everyone who has supported me and my little store this past year, I cannot express what that has meant to me. I simply can't wait to introduce you to the "Old Girl" with the names of children I love hanging outside.

Please stay well! See you on the other side.

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