Rabbit Rabbit

September has always been my favorite month of the year, perhaps because my birthday falls in September, as does two of my favorite people's, my grandmother Mummzie and my dearest friend Richard. It is more likely because it is the true start of fall here in New England. The nights are cool, the days are still long and most importantly, you can wear a sweater in the morning and the evening, yet shed it in the afternoon to reveal what's left of your summer sun-kissed skin. This September first however is unlike any other in memory. Today is the first full day I have spent at home, not on the Cape since March. We escaped to the Cape the moment we learned that Ellie and Thatcher would not be returning to school anytime soon. It has been six months since, the calendar on the wall here is still filled with plans for March. In those six months since we have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but coming out on the other side, it has been one of the most rewarding six months full of appreciation and learning.

Our house on the Cape is half the size of the house in which I sit today which we all found incredibly comforting, like a "House Hug" of sorts. Just knowing the ocean lay just beyond the tree line and the sound of the gulls overhead reassured us that everything was okay. Thatcher dug for clams and learned how to make the best stuffed quohogs I've ever had. We watched movies, lots of movies, sang Hamilton and Taylor Swift in the kitchen and did crafts nearly every day. Andrew built (me) the most wonderful outdoor shower complete with a separate changing area and a "shaving shelf" specific to my long legs. There is something about an outdoor shower and I will be using ours right up until the pipes freeze when we visit the Cape this fall.

We decided to put a hold on opening the store in Sandwich until the Spring, we lost our sweet boy Tiller in May to Cancer and an old friend lost her amazing 12 year old son to complications from cancer just a few weeks ago. All of which affected me in different ways, but all having the same morale, how fortunate we are to have the best dog, the best kid and the privilege to choosing when your store will open. I am forever changed from these last six months I am thankful for all of moments spent with my teenage children and the fact they didn't kill me in my sleep.

I don't know about you, but I find beauty in different things now, the smallest things. There is now paint on the teak table on the deck from Ellie painting something outside, under the umbrella. Last year I would have been upset, today I find it a beautiful remembrance of a special time in our lives together, a 2020 tattoo. It brings a smile to my face. We left this house so quickly in March it is as if time stood still. Tiller's pillows and toys are scattered about, wherever he left them, wool sweaters were never packed away with cedar for the summer and the winter duvet (with some of Tiller's fur) is still on our bed. Today I asked for the mail delivery to be resumed, cleaned out the refrigerator and assessed how the weeds moved in during our absence.

I am thankful for my friends, my family and all of you that supported my tiny business/dream this summer. A Sandwich Massachusetts town official called me this summer to check in. She is absolutely THE nicest woman, salt of the earth..."I don't usually call people to check on them, but I wanted to see how you are doing". That call meant everything to me and reminded me to check in on everyone I care about during this unreal time. With that, I hope you and your family...loved ones....not loved ones are all well and able to see the beauty in the paint on the table.

With Love & Appreciation,


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