Rainy Days and Sundays....

It has been a rainy summer so far, and the word "rainy" does not seem sufficient, monsoon season seems more appropriate. Our daughter Ellie has her first real job this summer as a Scooper at the local ice cream stand. I say real because there were tax forms filled out, apposed to when she was the neighborhood professional Chicken Sitter at the tender age of nine and payment was made in an envelope slipped into our mailbox. She now scoops enormous cones of deliciousness and the weather knows when she's scheduled to work on her right arm's bicep muscles....E+WORK=RAIN. Doppler should have such accuracy.

I've always loved rain in the summer. I learned to tie my shoes one summer under the dining room table, with the sound of thunder and pounding rain just outside the open windows and a scratchy oriental rug underneath. Countless puzzles were completed after an afternoon at the beach was cut short by a sudden downpour. Rain is Mother Nature's way of telling you it's time to get out of the sun and get a little exercise running back to the house.

Rain clears the beach of people and all the paraphernalia they cart with them. It brings the clouds that reflect the light for a glorious sunset.

Today is overcast with a thick layer of fog hugging the Cape. It's a perfect excuse to venture down 6A and visit every church thrift shop in search of vintage Lilly, t-shirts from yacht clubs we don't belong to and anything emblazoned with a lobster. So next time you see rain in the forecast, I hope you perk up at the thought of all of the possibilities.

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