September has always been my favorite month. As a kid it was primarily because my birthday falls in September and that I share my birthday month with my most favorite person, my grandmother Mummzie. Mummzie was the "fun" grandmother, while I loved my other grandmother, we were always instructed to "watch our P's & Q's" while we visited. We ate off of silver forks, rarely saw the T.V. on and were tucked in so tightly during sleepovers, my toes curled under the covers until she "released" me in the morning. On the weekly trips to Mummzie's there was never such instructions given, I felt more comfortable there than at my own house. I built pillow fortes out of the sofa cushions while she sat on the uncushioned base, she allowed me to stay up and watch Love Boat AND Fantasy Island Saturday nights and my favorite drinking glasses had a moving eyeball at the base that blinked at you as you made your last sip. The phrase "here's looking at you" printed on the side. She took family on trips, threw parties with my mother which were legendary and ALWAYS made sure everyone was having a good time.

My husband and I were married in Harwich Port in September, four days after my birthday and the day after Mummzie's. My wonderful in-laws threw a clambake for our rehearsal dinner at which we celebrated Mummzie's birthday cake ablaze and all. I believe this was the first time I recall her seeming older to me. Shortly after the ceremony she pulled me aside and said she had a gift for me. It was her silver tea set, given to her for her wedding, which I cherish to this day.

Mummzie loved the ocean, with countless trips on ocean liners, trips to Cuba, the Cape and wintering in Florida. And while she was unable to bring me to Cuba, she shared the rest with me. Unlike my peers, I didn't spend February break in Florida, we spent all of February there. I did my 6th grade report on Mesopotamia on a lounge chair, tan with the crashing waves as a soundtrack. She spoke of sailing with my grandfather, mooring in Quissett harbor and in Boston, always with a glimmer in her eye.

As fall slips in, I welcome it and all that it brings with it, cool blanket worthy nights, sweaters in the morning and evening and apple picking but best of all, memories of Mummzie.

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