Ugh, Holiday...

As we move through my favorite season, Fall, I must look past it to my least favorite...ugh... "Holiday" I worked in retail for over thirty years where we started preparing for the next Holiday season just days after removing the trim in January which made me grow to detest the Holiday season. So, here I am, prepping for my own Holiday season in this thing I created, Thatcher Ellery. The difference now is, this is my Holiday season which for my followers will not begin until at the very least, after Veteran's Day. Not now with weeks until Halloween and with the last breaths of summer competing with the winds of Fall just outside my cracked open window.

In the process of building Thatcher Ellery I shared my plans with those closest to me. During a conversation with my brother-in-law Charlie he was beyond supportive and said something that stuck with me. See he and his wonderful wife Christy spend a week each September in Chatham Massachusetts. (September is THE best time, in my opinion to be on the Cape, Nantucket, the Vineyard, coastal Maine, Newport, Block Island anywhere near the ocean that is littered by tourists in the summer.....the tourists have now left the building, the dogs are allowed on the beaches and the windows can be left open ALL day and night.) He said that it is sometimes difficult to find a Christmas gift for Christy that reminds him of their time at the beach. The stores have closed for the winter and what you can find isn't unique to them or the time spent together the previous summer.

So....that is where I have been for the last several weeks, sourcing for those special gifts for the holidays. You know the ones. As someone on the opposing sofa opens it, you feel their appreciation emanate from their pores as the paper is peeled away, revealing a memory. Perhaps a touch of envy is mixed in the cocktail of joy as you witness the opening of the perfect gift.

I look forward to seeing your photos of your pets and children in their Halloween costumes, you and your families gathered around the table being thankful a few weeks later on Instagram. It is then

that I hope you will take the time to find the perfect gift that not only sparks a memory, but creates one for both of you as the recipient opens it. I hope Thatcher Ellery is apart of that special moment.



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