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Thatcher Ellery

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

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Chocolate is a perfect add-on to any gift and Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate is an exceptional one.  Richly balanced and creative flavors are a treat like no other.
  • California dried black mission figs add a rich flavor and chewy texture to our fruity 72% Madagascar dark chocolate. This award-winning bar is sure to please everyone! Origin: Single-Estate Akesson Plantation.
  • Each bar is 2 oz/57g.Shelf life is 18 months.Bean to bar, Single Origin, Direct Trade, Vegan, No Gluten, Non-GMO, Soy Free, Shelf-StableCalifornia Made, Internationally Recognized.
Blackberry Bergamont
  • Sweet, dried blackberries and a hint of bergamot oil are mixed into our silky 65% dark chocolate from Belize. The blend of bergamot and berries creates a perfect balance of citrus and floral notes, complimenting the lightness of this chocolate. Ingredients: Cacao*, Cane Sugar*, Dried Blackberries*, Cocoa Butter*, Bergamot Oil (*organic) Origin: Maya Mountain Cacao Co-op 2oz (57g) bars. 

Browned Butter with Nibs & Sea Salt

  • Browned butter from local Rumiano Organic Farm, is blended to perfection with our 73% Northerner Blend dark chocolate. Each bar is finished by hand with roasted cacao nibs and sea salt to create the dreamiest of textures, both creamy and crunchy. Perfect on its own or paired with your favorite wine

Fleur de Sel

  • Guatemalan sea salt with our 73% Northerner Blend dark chocolate to create our Fleur de Sel bar. The sea salt is hand-harvested by Bitterman Salt Co. and lends a subtle and delicate flavor to our balanced blend of Madagascan and Brazilian cacao. This bar is a classic that all chocolate lovers will adore!
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