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Thatcher Ellery

Nautical Plastic Pitcher & Cup Set

Nautical Plastic Pitcher & Cup Set

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I got this fantastic set from a wooden boat owner and enthusiast.  We chatted for some time about our love for wooden boats.  While this set has definitely been out to sea a few times, there is still a long life ahead for it.  Behind the clear plastic insulated exterior is fabric printed with signal flags and knots.  It looks as though the pitcher saw more action than the cups as it has some discoloration on the fabric.  The cups on the other hand look nearly new to me.

  • Vintage, which means it has lived a life and is not perfect
  • Set includes 1 Pitcher & 6 Cups
  • Insulated Plastic with Fabric 
  • Pitcher is 9 1/4"H, Cups are 4"H x 3 3/4" R
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