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Thatcher Ellery

Recyclable/Resealable Sandwich bags

Recyclable/Resealable Sandwich bags

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Finally an alternative to plastic sandwich bags which is an especially welcome addition to your beach picnic basket.  No longer will you worry about plastic bags being swooped up by a breeze into the ocean.  And did I mention...they are swimming in sharks!!

  • Recyclable, sealable & you can write on it
  • 50 bags per box
  • Freezable. Use for short-term freezer storage.
  • Microwave-safe (1000W (or less) microwave). Microwave for up to 2 Mins. Heating beyond 2 minutes is NOT recommended!
  • Made from all-natural glassine (pure wood pulp) FSC-Certified Paper (FSC® C163845)
  • Non-Wax - they are not treated with petroleum-based paraffin wax, soy, or any other type of wax
  • Moisture & grease resistant
  • BPA-Free + Phthalate-Free + Lead-Free
  • Meets all Prop 65 PFOA/PFO/PFA  & FDA food-safety standards
  • Pleated sides expand for more roomy storage
  • Bag Dimensions: 7.9 in x 6.3 in x 2 in (20cm x 16cm x 5cm)
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