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Thatcher Ellery

SEA Glass 12.5 oz

SEA Glass 12.5 oz

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Just like true seaglass, these glasses have lived a past life, yet their current one is even more beautiful.   Made from the recycled glass from imperfect glasses, I believe they are even more beautiful than their original form.  The consistent green tint is a by-product of the many shades of glass recycled and their heavy weight feels great in the hand filled with your favorite beverage morning 'til night.  Small, organically placed bubbles in the glass look as though you are holding water.  Beautiful & unique, the tall is perfect for a small brew, iced tea or my favorite, a bloody mary.  The short is a lovely addition to the breakfast table with fresh squeezed juice or a glass of wine with a spot of ice.

  • Made from recycled glass, the green tint is a by-product of the many shades of recycled glass that make her.
  • 12.5 oz
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Each one is unique
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