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Thatcher Ellery

Small Glass Pitcher

Small Glass Pitcher

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My Grandmother Mummzie loved her cocktails and had a unique way ordering them when she was at an unfamiliar restaurant.  She would order a dry martini and then ask "What kind of glass is that served in?".  If it was served in a "Pretty Glass" she would get it straight up with a glass of ice on the side.  She would add ice to the glass throughout her meal with a fork.  If the server said it was served in your run of the mill martini glass she'd order her cocktail on the rocks.  Years later I carry on the tradition with cabinets filled with different 
"Pretty Glasses".  Another way to make a cocktail feel special is mixing them individually in these small pitchers paired with a charming swizzle stick.  Cheers Mummzie!

  • 8 oz
  • 3 1/2"H
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