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Thatcher Ellery

Appreciating Oysters-Dana Deskiewicz

Appreciating Oysters-Dana Deskiewicz

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Where we live on the Cape we are fortunate to have some of the best shellfish in the country.  There are two essential musts each season, a beach sticker and getting your shellfish license.  The cost of the license is recouped the very first time you fill your basket with clams.

Oyster expert and founder of the Oystour app Dana Deskiewicz takes readers of a salty ride through the current craft oyster scene. The 85 varieties profiled are lovingly raised on small farms along America's coasts, with names as memorable as their flavors―Murder Point, Choptank Sweets, Fat Dogs, Lady Chatterleys, and many more. 

  • 272 pages with 75 photographs
  • Hardcover


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