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Thatcher Ellery

Artist's Sketchbook

Artist's Sketchbook

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I value all of the relationships I have with the many makers I have met over the years. From those that studied for years to those creating magic on their kitchen tables with kiddos and dogs running about.  There is something so romantic about the birth of an idea and often they are simple line drawings on backs of envelopes or receipts.  Give the maker in your life this beautiful sketchbook to capture all of their ideas, great and not so great.  Whether they choose pencils, inks, watercolors or pastels, I promise it will be a gift they will cherish every time they pull it out and think of you.

  • 48 pages of high-quality 180gsm mixed media paper
  • 6.3"H x 9.2"H
  • Ribbon closure
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