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Thatcher Ellery

Cat & Dog Photo Cards

Cat & Dog Photo Cards

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If you have spent more than a minute on instagram and know someone with a baby you have seen the baby photographed with 'milestone cards'.  The baby laying on grandma's homemade blanket with an artful " 6 Months" sign  placed besides them.  Well, these are the same thing but for your four-legged friend. These oversized decks of cat and dog 'milestone cards' includes 50 praise cards and 50 shame cards, perfect for photographing next to the world's largest hairball that your cat just gagged up.

• 50 double-sided cards to photograph with your cat-perfect for annoying other people on social media with.
• Each card features a unique 'praise' on the front and a 'shame' on the back.
• Displayable two-piece box.
• Outer box 4.5 W x 6" H x 1.7" D (114mm x 152mm x 43mm).
• Cards- 4"W x 5.75"H (101mm x 146mm) with a matte finish.

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