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Thatcher Ellery

Clam Shell Pouch

Clam Shell Pouch

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The best part of owning a little shop is meeting people from all over the world and those  who live a few streets over.  Enter Midge Correira from my little town on the Cape, Sandwich.  Midge is a talented crocheter which of course got my mind reeling with thoughts of possibilities. First she made me a selection of the most adorable sandwich purses for my little shop in Sandwich Massachusetts.  Her latest creation are these clam/oyster shell purses.  Each one is unique but unlike those found in the sea, each has a shiny pearl hidden inside.

  • Midge donates 100% of what she makes from her crochet work to the Jimmy Fund
  • Each one is unique, just like every shell in the world
  • @ 6" x 4" (and they stand:))
  • Acrylic & cotton yarn


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