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Thatcher Ellery

French Artisanal Soap

French Artisanal Soap

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While many have moved to body wash, there is something about a handcrafted bar of soap that feels like a luxury. I often keep a bar of soap in my dresser to scent my clothes, especially in the summer when everything tends to be a bit damp.  Bars require zero plastic packaging and tie three together for a hostess gift with scents they will remember.

  • Made in France
  • Each 4.4 oz bar is wrapped in a recyclable box.
  • Rose exfoliating-an exquisite combination between moisture and exfoliation that will make your skin soft and smooth while removing dead skin. Made with real rose petals for exfoliating, and 72% organic olive oil and 25 % shea butter as its main ingredients, with a touch of rose essential oil from provence.
  • Marine-a fresh aroma of the ocean, achieve by our secret blend of herbs and flowers. This soap will make your skin soft and smooth while making a serene showering experience.
  • Lotus flower a heavenly scented, a rich floral and earthy aroma, makes your showering experience unique and relaxing.
  • Citron Verbena-a fresh, bright, fruity, citrus scent , makes your showering experience far from ordinary. This soap will make your skin soft and smooth while benefiting from the aromatherapy properties of lemon verbena.
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