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Thatcher Ellery

Nautical-Cocktail Flag Cards S-8

Nautical-Cocktail Flag Cards S-8

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My grandmother, Mummzie had her initials on the driver's side door on many of her cars.  Thick layered acrylic nautical flags spelled out her initials and hinted that she was once a sailor.  I always loved those flags, still do.  

These cards are my take on a long tradition, a marriage of sorts, nautical flags and cocktails.  Keep a set on hand as they fit most occasions.  Wedding/Engagement-Circle the couple's two favorite drinks or initials, Thank You, Birthday or best of all, just because.

  • Set of 8 cards & envelopes
  • A7-5"x7" Glossy cardstock
  • Boxed in a clear acrylic box for gifting
  • Thatcher Ellery design
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