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New England Soups by the Sea- Craig Fear

New England Soups by the Sea- Craig Fear

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Here on the Cape you can find a sign at countless restaurants that claim to have the best clam chowder, which reminds me of the scene in the movie Elf where Buddy sees a sign for the world's best coffee in NYC.  Honestly, there is a difference and there's nothing like a great bowl of chowder.  This book not only offers up a great recipe for chowder, but 80 other locally inspired seafood recipes that honor coastal New England.

From forgotten classics like clam chowder's Portuguese-influenced cousin, and fresh new flavors like Autumn Monkfish Stew, Malty Mussels Soup, and seasonal clam boils, this comprehensive cookbook embraces the locavore movement and sustainable seafood to expand our soup horizons.

Complete with easy recipes for seafood broths and stocks, 33 native fish and shellfish profiles, and advice on how to befriend your local fisherman, New England Soups from the Sea will have readers feeling confident in their seafood knowledge and how to invent their own soups from New England's ocean bounty. Paired with bright photography and the welcoming voice of a local New Englander, food writer Craig Fear boils all the charm of a seaside town into delicious, warming flavors.

  • 296 Pages
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