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Thatcher Ellery

Pollinator Seed Packets

Pollinator Seed Packets

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A lovely simple gesture is to tuck one of these seed packets into a greeting card.  Filled with pollinator flower seed mixes, they will not only make your recipient happy but the bees will be forever grateful and they will be provided with a cutting garden full of summer blooms.  Win-Win.

  • Covers approx. 10 sq. ft of space.
  • Packet size: 3 ¼" x 4 ½"
  • Planting Directions: Prepare a bed of loose soil. Sprinkle seeds in prepared area and cover loosely with soil. Keep the area moist until the plants are about 6” tall.
  • Annual/Perennial mix Full Sun Packet Weight: 400 mg 140-150 Seeds Per packet
  • Bloom Season: summer to fall
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