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Thatcher Ellery

Shark Fin Floatie

Shark Fin Floatie

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My mother took me to see Jaws when I was eight years old.  Not the best parenting I must admit.  I remember being so scared that I couldn't move my legs even though I wanted to run from the theater.  Well I survived to tell the tale and when we eventually watched Jaws with Thatcher and Ellie they found it to be campy, not scary in the slightest.  Of course they were both teenagers and I had hyped it so much for years.  Oh well.

This floatie reminds me of the local kids in Jaws, wearing handmade shark fins to scare the tourists, yet this one is functional and fun.  I like how it is secure under a child's arms so it can't slip off while holding them upright.

  • One size fits most ages 2-7
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand me down quality
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